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The Grace and Task of Preaching

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The Grace and Task of Preaching

Edited by Michael Monshau OP

Timothy Radcliffe, Mary Catherine Hilkert, Albert Nolan and Mark O’Brien are just four of the 18 writers from Ireland, Britain, the USA, the Philippines, South Africa and Australia who here help explore the varied implications of what the preacher attempts.

‘There is much that preachers can learn from [this book]’. – John Littleton, president, National Conference of Priests of Ireland

 Dedicated to the Memory of Damian Byrne OP (1929-1966)

Part 1: Preaching and Its Liturgical Context

The Second Vatican Council's Restoration of Liturgical Preaching

Michael Monshau OP

 Part 2: Theological Reflection on Preaching

Boring God: Theology and Preaching

Vivian Boland OP

Jesus: Itinerant Preacher

Donald Goergen OP

Preachers of Grace: Witnesses to the Resurrection

Mary Catherine Hilkert OP

'He Taught Them as One Who Had Authority'

Timothy Radcliffe OP

 Part 3: The Homiletic Dynamic

The Reception of Preaching: An Instance in History

Rolando V. de la Rosa OP

This Glorious and Transcendent Place

James Donleavy OP

The Role of the 'Question' in Preaching -- Adult Education Models

Cathleen M. Going OP

Part 4: Preaching and Scripture

'But Why Do WE have to Know That/" Preaching and Critical Biblical Study

Barbara Green OP

Prophetic Stories as a Preaching Resource: the Elisha Collection

Mark O'Brien OP

Part 5: Dominican Preaching

A Wine of Encouragment: Preaching in a Time of Dissilusion

Paul Murray OP

Preaching and Contemplation

Albert Nolan OP

Preaching and Ministry in a Time of Expansion

Thomas O'Meara OP

Part 6: Preaching and Praxis

Text or Topic? Doing or Being? The Challenge of Preaching on Morality

Charles Bouchard OP

Preaching Generosity: Lessons from the Fathers

Richard Finn OP

Preaching on the Wider World

John Orme Mills OP

Preaching Biblical Justice

Barbara Reid OP

A Homiletic of Mercy

Edward van Merrienboer OP

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