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Doctrine & Life November 2017

What Is ‘God’?

Thomas O’Loughlin presents the first article in a series enquiring whether centres for the study of theology have value for Christian discipleship. He argues for great attentiveness to what the word ‘God’ means, in order to be free from projecting our own prejudices.

Did Religious Cause the Failure of the Reformation in Ireland?

John Scally addresses the fact that the Reformation movement had less success in Ireland than in Britain, and suggests that the marked influence of the Observant movement in the mendicant orders would be one factor causing this failure.

Mass in the Church of Vatican II

Liam G. Walsh, O.P., completes his series on ‘The Mass, Yesterday, Today … Forever’. He concludes that ‘no particular agenda, whether it be called conservative or liberal, can promote a form of celebration that ignores or in any significant way obscures the core form of celebration given by Jesus’. In his mind, the Missal of Paul VI ‘can accommodate variations that will meet different legitimate agendas’.

Precarious Work

David Begg looks at the growth of exploitative employment practices in Ireland. He believes that Catholic Social Teaching, with its emphasis on the value of solidarity, points to a more humane way of organising work.

Luther’s Challenge to Religious Life

Patrick Fintan Lyons, O.S.B., shows how Luther’s theology of justification depended on seeing the Christian life from an eschatological perspective. Within this framework, he saw the evangelical counsels being made into a Law, and he excoriated what he saw as the decadence of religious life in his own day.

Convincing the Public about the Urgency of Climate Change

Dermot A. Lane responds to the Government’s establishing of a National Dialogue on Climate Change. He cites commentators who see modern, late capitalism as one of the major causes of climate change. He regrets the absence of a sense of vision from the Government’s policy document, and argues that the Churches have much to offer in the debate.

Religious Life: The Future of Our Past

Margaret MacCurtain, O.P., addresses a conference of young religious on the developments she observed since she first entered the convent in the 1950s.

Book Review

Mary Stefanazzi reviews To Love and to be Loved, by Desmond O’Donnell.


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