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Faith Questions: Searching for Meaning and Hope

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Donagh O’Shea op
ISBN 978 1 905604 22 7

Faith Questions: Searching for Meaning and Hope


Donagh O’Shea OP is director of the Dominican Retreat House, Tallaght. His other books include Go Down to the Potter’s House and Take Nothing for the Journey (new edition, February 2013)

The conversations in this book – drawn from the blog ‘Between Ourselves’ – reveal some of the anger, the sadness, the disaffection of ordinary people in today’s Church, as well as their enduring search for meaning and hope. Conversation has seldom been so necessary for us, because in every way the world is becoming increasingly polarised, and with it the Church. But while we still talk to one another there is hope. The questions addressed here are arranged under eight headings: 1. God; 2. The Church; 3. Spirituality; 4. Meditation; 5. The Ego; 6. Prayer; 7. Love; 8. The Human Mix

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