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Dominicans in Africa: A History of the Dominican Friars in sub-Saharan Africa

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Edited by Phillippe Denis OP
Dominican Publications
978 1 871552 88 5


Edited by Philippe Denis OP

 Dominicans have been in the sub - Sahara Africa since the fifteenth century. Today, the Order has communities in a dozen African countries. The story is recounted here by many voices, the majority from Africa itself while the rest have had long associations with that continent.

In this book only the Dominican Friars are taken into account. The nuns and apolistic sisters are mentioned in passing. No doubt another book will be necessary to tell the full story.

Philippe Denis OP teaches the history of Chritianity at the University of Natal, Pietermartizburg, South Africa, and is author of The Dominican Friars in South Africa.

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