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The Dominican Way

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The Dominican Way

Edited by Lucette Verboven

These conversations with 17 members of the Dominican Family (nine men and eight women) reveal the amazing range of undertakings that can fit the work and charism of the Order of Preachers. There are contemplatives here, and teachers of theology and pastors -- and there is a world-acclaimed composer, a physicist working at CERN, a lawyer vindicating the rights of indigenous people, and the founder of a Christian-Buddhist ashram, as well as people engaged in conversation with Islam.





1. Timothy Radcliffe (UK)

Passionately in Love with the Truth

2. Jean-Jacques Perennes (Egypt)

Go where Things Are Difficult

3. James MacMillan (UK)

I Have a Sound of God

Brian Pierce (USA)

A Holy Mistake

5. Maria Hanna (Iraq)

Killing Christians

6. Henri Burin des Roziers (Brazil)

Against the Grain

7. Margaret Ormrod (USA)

A Loving Glance

8. Godfrey Nzamujo (Benin)

Africans Must Come Home

9. Timothy Radcliffe (UK)

An Itinerant Preacher

10. Helen Alford (Italy)

The Best Kept Secret in the Church

11. Katarina Pajchel (Norway)

One World, One Knowledge

12. Emilio Platti (Belgium / Egypt)

Learning from What Is Strange

13. Dominika and Natalia (Belarus)

The Dream of a New Foundation

14. Kim En Joong (France)

Painter of the Inner Light

15. Faustina Jimoh (Nigeria)

Everything Is within His Knowledge

16. Breda Carroll (Ireland)

A White Building atop a Hill

17. Vincent Shigeto Oshida (Japan)

I Shall Meet You in Galilee

18. Timothy Radcliffe (UK)

Not Afraid of the Lions


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