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Reading Scripture for Living the Christian Life

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Many readers of the Bible as well as students and teachers, experience a sharp division discussing biblical matters int eh classroom and the challenge of applying the Bible to daily life. To address this matter a diverse team came together for a conference in Limerick, at the Dominican Biblical Institute.

Edited by Bernard Treacy, O.P.

With Thomas L. Brodie OP, Frances M. Young, and J. Cecil McCullough


Ways of Reading the Bible

Can We Relativise the Historico-critical Method and Rediscover a Biblical Spirituality?

Frances M. Young

Transformation throgh Lectio Divina

+ Martin Drennan

Lectio divina: the Challenge in the Academic Setting

Seamus O'Connell

Lectio divina: the Challenge in Parish and Pastoral Settings

Chris Hayden

Lectio Divina in Trinidad, according to the Method of Fr Michel de Verteuil

Pat Elie

The Liberating Reading of the Bible in Base Ecclesial Communities in Brazil

Carlos Mesters, O.Carm.

Promoting the Patoral Biblical Apostolate and Lectio divina Worldwide

Ludger Feldskamper, S.V.D.

Lectio divina and the Story of the Widow

+ Liciano Monari

Lectio divina and the Reformed Tradition

J. Cecil McCullough

Being True to the God of the Bible

+ Luciano Monari

128 pages Paperback €8.99


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