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Doctrine & Life
December 2016
What Makes Catholic Catholic, and Protestants Protestant?
Martin Henry shows how an awareness of the need for reform was by no means a novelty at the beginning of the sixteenth century. For him, examining the family similarities and differences between the two branches of western Christianity can usefully shed light on the question of what Christianity is or could be.
Technology Learning from the Humanities
For Thomas Stone, President of The Institute of Technology Tallaght, theology has a special contribution to make in helping students develop rigorous, inquiring and questioning minds.
Sectoral Ministries in the Church today
Matthijs Kronomeijr and Brenda Kronomeijr-Heyink examine the special contribution which chaplaincies make within pastoral care, and how they can help church-based ministries to be more focussed on the need to adopt professional standards. They can imagine the church as a field hospital providing all kinds of services, all professionally delivered, and all under the guidance of Christ as our supreme Doctor.
A Mysticism for today
John Scally surveys a range of understandings of mysticism, starting with works by Denys Turner and Bernard McGinn. He believes that the mystical and the prophetic must come together not as strangers but as a couple who embrace with passion and with purpose.
The Sign of Jonah, and the Church today
Seán O’Conaill looks at how the church came to find itself in the dark place it now inhabits, how the Trinity could be with it in the midst of its troubles, and what different ways are on offer of seeing the present and shaping the future.
Finding Meaning in a Web of Confusion
Eamon Maher finds in the work of sociologist Tom Inglis rich insights into how, for many people in Ireland, religion has become just one option among many. One result can be that the webs of meaning in their lives may sometimes appear strangely contradictory and confusing.
Book Reviews
Michael Monshau, O.P., reviews ‘To Restore All Things in Christ: Memoirs of La Donna Hermann’, by La Donna Hermann
John Cooney reviews ‘The Ireland of Edward Cahill, S.J., 1868-1941: A Secular or a Christian State?’, by Thomas Morrissey, S.J.



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