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SinC 2017 JanMar Cover

Scripture in Church   

A Celebrant’s Guide, plus Biblical Commentary and Reflections, for every Sunday and festival, including Easter. The Biblical Commentary for the Pascal Vigil relates each of the Old Testament readings to passages in the Christian Scriptures. And the Gospel Commentaries for the Vigil and for Easter Sunday give helpful accounts of how witness to the resurrection developed. Reflections on the each reading for every weekday of the quarter. 

January to March 2017

Issue 187

Sundays and Festivals
Columba McCann, W.G. East, Bernard Treacy, David Kelly, Anthony O’Leary, Brian Doyle

Weekdays and Saints’ Days
Carol Dorgan, Dominique Horgan, Bernard Treacy,Shay Claffey, John F. Craghan

Liturgical Essay
Which Gospel on Christmas Day?
Thomas O’Loughlin

Biblical Essay
Eucharist and Forgiveness
Pontifical Biblical Commission


Seamus Claffey worked in pastoral ministry for many years, most recently as a university chaplain

John F. Craghan was professor of Scripture at St Norbert College, De Pere, Wisconsin, and is author of And the Life of the World to Come: Reflections on the Biblical Notion of Heaven (The Liturgical Press).

Carol Dorgan is retired and lives in Cork. She is involved in RCIA ministry in the diocese and in spiritual direction and also does some writing.

Brian Doyle, O.P., teaches theology at the Dominican studium, Dublin.
W. G. East is a priest ministering in the diocese of Middlesbrough since 1996. He had previously served in Church of England parishes in London and Sunderland, and before that had lectured in English at University College, Cork.

Dominique Horgan, O.P., is engaged in adult education, having previously taught at the Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy, Dublin. The reflections carried with her name were extracted by the editor from material she wrote in the 1990s.

David Kelly, O.S.A., taught for many years at the Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy, Dublin.

Columba McCann, O.S.B., is a monk of Glenstal Abbey, Murroe, Co. Limerick.

Anthony O’Leary, C.P., has taught Scripture all his professional life.

Thomas O’Loughlin is professor of historical theology at the University of Nottingham.

Bernard Treacy, O.P., is editor of Doctrine & Life.


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