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Spirited Mother, Spirited Child
Trudelle Thomas
There was a time, up to very recently, when the subject of disability was not mentioned in ordinary everyday conversation. Thankfully, that has now changed. Trudelle Thomas shares her experience of raising her adhd son.
The Student and the Tramp
Edward Walsh
There is a timelessness about the gospel narrative that strikes the reader living in a world very different from the one in which it was first proclaimed. Edward Walsh shares a contemporary story of the Good Samaritan.
Listen to the Universe
Elizabeth Boyle OP
Despite the findings of scientists from all over the world that climate change is a fact, there are still those (among them some very influential people of power) who choose to deny the facts staring them in the face. Elizabeth Boyle outlines the view of a poet and passionately invites humanity to ‘listen to the universe’ if we wish to avoid catastrophe.
The Message of Tibhirine
Martin McGee OSB
Twenty years ago, the world was shocked to hear of the death of most of the community of Cistercian monks in Tibhirine, Morocco (two of them survived). Martin McGee reflects on the ideal suitability of people of prayer to reach out in ecumenical friendship to Muslim people who are fundamentally passionate people of prayer.
Combating the Forces of Evil
Eamon Maher
There have been many writers who chose to write about the figure of the Catholic priest. Eamon Maher has been contributing to this series featuring the priest in the writings of such literary masters as Graham Greene, Richard Power, Shusako Endo (whose novel Silence has just been released as a film), Brian Moore. Here he considers the famous French writer Georges Bernanos who wrote The Diary of a Country Priest.


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