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The Word is Flesh and Blood

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V. Boland OP & T. McCarthy OP
Dominican Publications

 The Eucharist and Sacred Scripture

The Word is Flesh and Blood follows the movement of the Mass, in 15 chapters, and in four sections, headed ‘assembly’, ‘word’, ‘Eucharist’ and ‘mission’.

Here are reflections from an international team of scholars on the place of the Old Testament in Christian worship, on the Psalms, and on the New Testament, especially the Gospels. You will also find discussions on the place of music in Scripture and liturgy, as well as the formation and use of creeds. Preaching is understood as sacrificial action, and thus uniting the service of the Word with the service of the Altar. We see the distinctive character of Christian prayer notably in meditations on the invocation of the Holy Spirit and the remembrance of the Last Supper. A reflection on the Lord’s Prayer follows, and on the supper of the Lamb, anticipated at the Altar.

At once biblical, theological, and spiritual, The Word is Flesh and Blood will be of service to the Church at large, to all involved in pastoral care and catechetics, to those seeking to renew and strengthen their faith, and to those who have questions about the Mass.

Contributors include Jerome Murphy-O’Connor, Liam Walshe, Céline Mangan, Seán Freyne.

The Word is Flesh and Blood is offered to Wilfrid Harrington OP, well-loved teacher, preacher, scholar and writer on Scripture, to mark his 85th birthday.

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