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Take Nothing for the Journey: 2013 Edition

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Donagh O'Shea OP
Dominican Publications
ISBN 978 1 905604 21 0


Take Nothing for the Journey is a record of three months spent living in a tent in different parts of Ireland, all places that held special significance for Donagh O'Shea. After 10 buy years working in a retreat centre, he needed to get away from maps of the spiritual journey, maps can never be substitutes for the real journey to God.

"… a profound mind, deeply enriched by meditation and reading in many languages, subtly aware of the depth, density and labyrinthine nature of human consciousness and exquisitely sensitive to the ultimate mystery of the Godhead.’ - Doctrine and Life

‘ … a totally new vision and energy expressed in the most lyrical, incisive and poetical prose … has restored my hope.’ New Day Magazine

 Donagh O'Shea OP, director of the Dominican Retreat House, Tallaght Village, Dublin 24, is author of Faith Questions: Searching for Meaning and Hope and of Go Down to the Potter's House.

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