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Anglican Religious Life: A Well-kept Secret?

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Edited by Nicolas Stebbing CR
Dominican Publications
978 1871552836

Anglican Religious Life: A Well-kept Secret? 

"Are there nuns and monks in the Anglican Church?" is a questions still asked 160 years after the first Anglican religious since Reformation times made profession of vows. But ever since the 1840's, religious men and women have made a rich and prayerful contribution to the Anglican tradition in pastoral work, teaching, nursing and reaching out to those whom society overlooks. And they are many communities dedicated to a lifeof contemplative prayer.

These essays potray the recovery of religious life within the Anglican tradition as a gift from God, and also recognise that religious communities have entered a time of searching and revision. The writers believe that religious life is a faith - guided venture into the unknown. They also believe that, when it becomes secure and part of the institution, it is a valued gift within the Church.

Nicholas Stebbing is a Zimbabwean - born member of the Community of Ressurection, Mirfield. His ministry is divided between retreat work, ecumenical contact and teaching in theological college.


Nicolas CR
Part I
1. Evolving Identity in Anglican Religious Life
Petà Dunstan
2. Change in Anglican Religious Life, 1965–2000
Hilary OHP
3. Religious Life on the Missions 42
Nicolas CR
4. The Religious Life ‘on the Streets’
Annaliese CSC
5. Transforming Missionaries
– the Melanesian Brotherhood
Richard MBH
Part II
6. Reflections on the Vowed Life
– Commitment through Celibacy
Stephanie Thérèse SLG
7. ‘Though It Be Night’
Gillian Ruth CSMV
8. Developing Religious Identity
Alistair SSF
9. Praying in a Monastery
Nicolas CR
10. Love Bade Me Welcome
Emma SSC
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