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Join us in our Project to Mark 800 Years of the Order of Preachers


The Old Page is New Each Morning - Liam G Walsh, OP

The Rosary: More a method of preaching than of praying - Gabriel Harty, OP

The Spiritual Study of the Voice of God - Gerard Norton, OP

A text by Aquinas that encapsulates Dominican theology and spirituality - Vivian Boland OP

Dominicans are preparing to celebrate in 2016 the eight hundred years since papal confirmation of the new order. Dominican Publications will also mark the event.

Here’s the idea.
So much has come down to us from eight centuries of Dominican witness. Think for instance of the mysticism and the inspiring vision of Church life found in the writings of Catherine of Siena; recall the output of Thomas Aquinas, the challenging imagination of Meister Eckhart’s reflections, the spirit of reform that marked Savonarola’s preaching, the contemplation and meditation inspired by the artistic harvest of Fra Angelico’s work, or synergy between theologians at Salamanca and preachers defending human rights in the New World, not to mention the ever-present legacy, in liturgy and devotion, of the hymn settings based on texts by Aquinas and others.
And there is the work of each province of the friars and congregation of the sisters. Just as Ireland has the sermons of Tom Burke, the sculptures of Henry Flanagan, and the poems of Paul Murray, there are inspiring figures and texts in all branches of the Order.
Reading this sample list, you may be reminded of a text, a work of art, a melody, or a poem by a Dominican that has meant a great deal, something you have gone back to from time to time in your own prayer and study, that has stayed with you and perhaps inspired your preaching…
Why not share it? This project aims to link the heritage of those eight centuries with its impact on us, today’s Dominicans, as we build on our tradition and take it forward.
The invitation is addressed to each of the brothers in our houses and priories in Ireland, and those working abroad; to every member of your Lay Dominican Chapter; to each sister in the Cabra Congregation, whether at home or abroad, and to each and every contemplative nun in the monastery in Drogheda. We invite you to choose a text (or object of art or piece of music) from a Dominican author or artist of any period in our history and, in a reflection of, say, 450-500 words, tell how this text has inspired you.
We will place your reflections on this website, where they can be enjoyed worldwide and perhaps offer encouragement based on what inspired you and still does.

To submit an item for inclusion in this portion of the website, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.